Senior Beauty Treatments – Glowing Skin Forever

Here’s how you can feel good about how you look, and start to look good! Ladies, spending a little longer together with your make-up kit can bring exceptional results. Using senior beauty treatment tips to look and feel more beautiful will most probably affect you all over, from the smile on your face to the messages that your body gives you!

Make-up palette - Senior beauty treatments can make your feel good!

Enjoy a few tips towards getting a glowing skin look.


First things first, set aside time from your daily schedule for yourself. Vanity is not always a bad thing!

Five minutes might not be long enough, as you come face to face with your wonderful self in the company of a good mirror and quality make up products.

A Little Bit about the Mirror

A round mirror is recommended, one that comes on a stand. Look for a mirror that has a normal side and magnifying side. That way you get to see the work in progress in more detail as well as in two different views. The mirror tells the truth if you place it in a good light. Position yourself with your back towards a source of natural daylight. Daylight will shine towards the mirror and show the real shades and colors, as others will see them.

The Materials and the Tools

Invest in good quality brushes, a set of 8 different sizes should be enough for all your make-up needs. Choose good-quality, natural, thicker-consistency foundation, primer and concealer. Products with a thinner consistency might be quicker to apply but they don’t cover as well.

In the enormous market of makeup there are make-up brands especially produced for seniors and it is advisable to aim for those, if you want perfect results. These take into account the nature of senior skin among other things.

The Natural Look

Mostly, ladies prefer a natural look, rather than a made up look.

The trick is not to overdo the thickness of the layers that you apply.

Here Goes to a Beautiful Me

  • Start by applying a 50-SPF sunblock to your face, rubbing it in gently. You can use the opportunity to apply the sunblock to your forearms and the exposed parts of your neck, shoulders, back and upper chest as well. Alternatively you could use a daytime moisturizer or primer.Wait a couple of minutes for it to dry and be absorbed.
  • Next apply a dual finish powder. This provides coverage which can be built up from a sheer weightless feel to a full coverage. A good quality product can be expected to last all day.
  • Use a concealer after that, to mask skin blemishes such as dark circles and age spots. Blend it well, especially around the nose, mouth, eyes and any skin-discoloration areas. Finish this stage with a little fixing powder or a drop of dual finish powder to set the concealer, using a fluffy brush. Some make up artists recommend using a concealer that is two shades lighter than your regular color, for lightening the dark area under the eyes.
  • Finish with a light foundation that will allow your skin to glow. In hot weather, avoid liquid and cream foundations. If you used powder until this stage, continue with powder to avoid getting a clumpy or greasy look from applying liquids over powders. Apply the foundation with a powder brush. The glow of your skin should start to shine through after about a quarter of an hour, illuminating your face with your own natural beauty.
  • If you want a noticeable glow, you can apply an illuminator to the cheekbones and brow-bones. Some ladies prefer a subtle look achieved by applying the illuminator underneath the foundation.
  • For more tips try watching a short video on the Cornerstones of Great Makeup.

Feel beautiful every day

Each senior can do a little something towards aging gracefully! Give yourself your own beauty treatments or splash out and enjoy the results achieved by a real make up artist, although, we usually reserve that for special occasions…

Every day can be a special day when you add in senior beauty treatments. And yes, it can be an enjoyable and satisfying experience to be your very own make up artist!

Senior Beauty Treatments with concealer and primer

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