Aging Gracefully – Choosing The Right Pocketbook or Purse

Aging gracefully is an art that most of us want to master!

There are countless tips on ways to do that, from smiling often to keeping the weight off. Let’s explore something so simple – the purse that we use. It is such a part of a person’s daily activities even though it is an ordinary item.

The problem is something many of us are familiar with. The solutions presented here are varied and practical.

The Problem: Stuff It All In

Some of us may have been envious of Mary Poppins and her marvelous bag, wherein was found every cure and solution. But did we ever stop to wonder if it was bulky or heavy for her to carry?

Some of us keep papers and notes, favorite photographs and some, and perhaps a snack in our purse. We dig deep down, into what seems to be a bottomless bag, as we search for the wallet, the keys or the medicine that we know is “in this bag somewhere!”

Are we ready to make a change? Read on!

What to Look for When Choosing a Pocketbook or Purse

Feel organized and in control with a bag that is:

  • On the small side – so that we will not be able to carry extra weight for nothing
  • Adjustable strap – so that the swing of the bag won’t make us loose our balance
  • Looks stylish – of course! – after all, aging gracefully is the aim
  • Light – so that it will be comfortable to carry
  • Has small pockets for small items such as keys and a cellphone

With a bag like that we know what is in it and where everything is. No more shoulder aches, no more lost scraps of paper.

Here are some more tips……


Tips for Carrying Less and ‘Going Light’

  • Write notes on a smartphone, not scraps of paper
  • Avoid the weight of small coins. We can switch to debit/credit cards instead of cash
  • Instead of carrying books, use a Kindle (if we can make that heart-wrenching switch away from the feel of holding a real book)
  • Store those favorite photos in digital form on a phone

A different stylish option is the use of a wristlet, which is designed to hold a phone and a little bit more, such as cards, cash and keys.

To go really light, try a phone holder which can accommodate credit cards.


Tips for Gentlemen

Men seem to have it easier with pockets as part of every garment.

Here are several ideas, so that gentlemen too, can enjoy the feeling of being organized and in control of their possessions:

  • Go through pockets and remove extra objects that belong somewhere else
  • The idea of using a phone instead of scraps of paper is helpful for being organized
  • Make sure to have not more than one hair comb and handkerchief in the pockets
  • Have one designated pocket for the wallet, a different one for medicines and so on, so that there is no need to go fishing in pocket after pocket to locate items.
  • Separate chunky small change, and remove unused cards from the wallet
  • Tidy the pockets of outer garments to adapt to changing seasons
  • Check pockets from time to time to make sure there are no holes

What to put in A Purse or Bag when Going Out?

Try to use a bag that has anti-theft features.

Here are some of the things a person may want to carry:

  • Personal Identification and medical identification as needed
  • Compact packet of tissues
  • If using cash, keep small coins in a separate change purse
  • Credit or debit card
  • A cell phone
  • Sun glasses for those bright summer days
  • Medication
  • A small bottle of water

In Conclusion:

Choosing the right kind of pocketbook or purse is part of being sensible and being a stylish senior.

This choice can help a senior feel organized and in control. It can also help keep a person safe as they avoid straining muscles or loosing their balance by carrying too much.

Part of aging gracefully is being aware of who you are now and being proud of it. Let’s hope that your choice of pocketbook or purse will help towards that goal!


Aging gracefully with suitable pocketbook for a senior

Photo by S O C I A L . C U T on Unsplash