You Don't Have to Stay at Home to Feel at Home

Castle Senior Living Assisted Living Facility

One of the biggest concerns that seniors and family members have when contemplating moving a senior family member to a senior care facility is that the place will feel institutional. No one wants to spend their golden years living a place that feels like a hospital or other temporary living space, even if health concerns make it important for a senior to have immediate access to high quality healthcare. At Castle Senior Living’s New York senior care facilities, we understand that mental and emotional health are an important part of quality-of-life as one ages. Part of maintaining that quality of life is making sure that seniors have a place where they feel at home.

How Does Castle Senior Living Create A Home Environment For Its Senior Care Patients?

The first step is privacy. One of the most difficult parts about transitioning from home to an assisted living is that many assisted livings require seniors to give up most, if not all, of their privacy. At Castle Senior Living, we offer two standard housing types: private apartments and semi-private apartments. Both housing arrangements allow seniors the ability to get privacy in their home settings, so that they can step away from others and connect. However, home is about more than privacy, it is also about community. A home is part of a neighborhood, and the community atmosphere at Castle Senior Living ensures that after residents have retired to the privacy of their rooms and gotten a break from people, they can step out their doors and find activities, groups, and companionship designed to stave off loneliness and keep them actively mentally engaged with their communities.

We would love to say that Castle Senior Living Facilities are perfect for all seniors, but really you and your family have to make that decision. Fortunately, we offer a trial stay program that allows seniors to stay at Castle for up to a month in order to determine if it is right for you.