The Costs of Living in a Senior Community

Senior communities differ from other types of living arrangements for several reasons. For one, the residents of a senior community have access to formal and informal events and activities that they would not have if they simply lived in a condominium. Second, a senior living community has facilities that not all condos and certainly not all single-family homes have, including gyms, pools, and dining areas. Senior living communities do not always cost more than living in a condominium either, making them a lot more affordable than people think.

Type Of Accommodations Offered

The costs of living in a senior community vary on the type of accommodation, the size of the suite or apartment, and the option of extra services. Seniors will have access to transportation to local shopping malls and restaurants, as well as access to transportation to and from their doctors. Therefore, living in a senior community sometimes ends up cutting down on the costs of transportation and costs of living in an ordinary condominium or home. In a senior living community, residents also enjoy not burdening their loved ones with requests for transportation, meals, or personal care services.


Living in a senior community offers the chance to broaden social circles and improve quality of life. Depending on your loved one’s level of independence, living in a senior living community is not necessarily more expensive than living in a standard independent dwelling. Seniors who want to and can be independent sometimes forget to consider the additional costs associated with homeowners association fees, maintenance fees, and fees for housekeeping, food and meal preparation, and participation in social events.

Therefore, the costs of living in a senior community are comparable to the costs of living outside one. The benefits of living in a senior living community outweigh the costs because of the higher quality of life and perks provided by the staff and other residents. It is definitely worth considering a senior living community like Castle Senior Living over other options.