Senior Safety Tips – Waltzing through some Indoor Safety Tips

Let’s take a slow waltz through some senior safety tips and refresh the memory on how to stay safe indoors!

Mostly we know what it means to stay safe but it is always wise to review!

What is obvious sometimes can get overlooked if someone becomes distracted or gets excited about something. So here goes!

This is not an all-inclusive list; I would love to hear back from you with any wise tips that could be include in a future post.

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During meals

During a meal, take the time to eat. It is not the time for a deep, meaningful conversation or wild entertainment. Focus on chewing the food properly, to get the best out of the nutrients, avoid choking and have an easier time digesting the food.

Drinking during a meal should be limited. How? You should come to a meal saturated in terms of drink and need to drink relatively little during the actual meal. For an hour after the meal your digestive juices are working to digest the food you just ate, so it is not a good time to flood the stomach with a lot of fluid.

The best thing to drink, of course, is water!


Using Devices

When using devices, such as your mobile phone, an iPad or tablet with ear or headphones, think about hearing protection. Look into headphones that are designed to protect your ears if you want to choose something with better protection. According to a study by the Audiologists Children’s Hospital, 80 percent of Americans listen to music that is too loud, through their earphones.

The American Osteopathic Association, in an article called Headphones and Hearing Loss, recommends a maximum of 60 minutes a day of headphone use. The louder the volume, the shorter that duration should be.

Avoid looking at cellphones all day long, or, looking at them in the dark, since the blue light can affect eye health.


Taking Medicine

Check to see that the medicine you are taking is yours. Read the label, even if it takes another moment. Take the medicine as instructed by the doctor. All medicines come with a warning not to take medicine in the dark and if you have glasses, to wear them when taking the medicine. Keeping to these simple tips can help avoid serious mistakes.


Pay Attention to Posture

Sit up straight and pull that stomach in! It was not for nothing that we were told this by our parents and grandparents. Protect your independence and body strength by maintaining the best posture that you can. Here is a link to a fun mini-list of Posture Tips for Seniors.

It is advisable to get up slowly after you have been sitting or lying down, it could help keep balance and avoid dizziness.


Floor Safety

Pick up stray objects on your floor to avoid tripping. Likewise, avoid slips and falls from having loose rugs on the floor. Choosing well-fitting, supportive shoes will complement a non-slip floor covering or carpeting. Arrange your large furniture so that there are clear walking paths, without furniture jutting out, so you don’t hurt yourself or lose your balance when walking past.

Maintain good lighting indoors, it is practical as well as pleasant. Good lighting conditions means that the light reaches the floor as well.


Why is there a Reference to Dancing in the Title of this Article?

Dancers make calculated, flowing movements and are graceful, smooth movers. They had to learn how to dance and they maintain their skills through practice and concentration.

As a senior’s body changes, there is a need to use the same approach to moving as dancers do to dancing. Things we used to do without thinking may require a little more focus. Practice, thought and concentrating on what you are doing could be a wise investment. Following recommended senior safety tips means you too can be a ‘graceful dancer’ every day!



Senior Safety - put your phone on the side when you are eating

Put your phone on the side when you are eating, so that you can focus on the meal.


Photo by Alexander Mils on Unsplash