Senior Living: Can Fashion-Loving Senior Ladies Wear Heels?

To write about wearing high-heeled shoes for senior ladies, really does feel like playing the devil’s advocate. However, ladies who love to wear high-heeled shoes, and who are seniors do exist! Raise your hands, fashion-loving senior ladies!

Three cheers for fashion-loving senior ladies! Here’s to ladies who are proud of their age, yet take the trouble to maintain their looks. Here’s to aging gracefully!


Proof of Great Shoes for Fashion-Loving Senior Ladies

Looking online, is one way of finding what the world has to offer in terms of fashionable footwear for seniors.

It is probably wise to choose shoes from a place with a flexible return policy. This fits in to a senior living lifestyle, giving you time to change your mind.

Why shouldn’t ‘fashionable’ go together with ‘senior’?

Target certainly think these concepts can be friends, as they market a selection of heels and pumps for the over 65’s.

Scholl is brand that present a number of classy shoes with stable-looking flat heels.

Macy’s have a decent selection of half-boots, with flat heels. Their site has a feature where you can shop by height of the heel. You can find it in the side bar at the left of their screen.

Healthy Feet Store claim to have stylish shoes that are both healthy and supportive. You might be able to discover the compromise between fashion and senior safety there. They have a specialty section for hard-to find sizes. Getting well-fitting shoes, is one rule that can’t be bent, even for the sake of beauty.



Why Be Wary of High Heeled Shoes

Although many ladies love their heels, high heels have a terrible reputation in the medical world.

High-heeled shoes are blamed for many medical issues including:

  • Plantar fasciitis – stabbing pain from the ligament that connects the heel bone to the toes.
  • Causing injury to the shape of the feet and flexibility of the ankle. This can cause problems that are cosmetic: hammer toes, bunions or the infamous ingrown toenails.
  • Pain and injury in the knees.
  • Lower back pain, spinal curvature, arthritis or foot pain.


How Can You Wear Mock High Heels?

Essentially, ladies love their high heels because they love the feeling of being taller. The overall impression made by a person wearing heels, is perhaps tall, confident, good-looking and in-fashion.

If your doctor no-no’s your heels, or common-sense wins the battle of no heels versus spinal suffering, there are ways you can still feel mighty tall.


Feeling Tall as a Super Senior

There is an entertaining article about the psychology of height. It explores the human need to feel more supreme. The feeling a person gets from being tall, fills that need.

Here are some tips on feeling tall without wearing heeled shoes:

  1. Stand tall. When you want to convince people to do something, stand your full height. Sitting erect may give your words more bearing. In order to do that, of course, you will have to keep a certain level of fitness and muscle strength – that requires regular exercising.
  2. Be confident. Confidence in a person’s voice can make them feel taller, as can speaking slowly and clearly.
  3. Get ready to pose. Tilt your head back a little, and look at the person along the tip of your nose. Don’t exaggerate this pose when standing, you still need to see the floor, so as not to trip! This pose may be difficult to achieve if you are wearing glasses.
  4. De-stress regularly. Stress  has been blamed for making people lose their actual height. Clearing the stress-stock  out of your pantry will be good for much more than feeling tall! Getting rid of stress can add years to a person’s life.


So, as a note to fashion-loving senior ladies, you can still buy great looking and fashionable shoes. They are available with heels, platforms and similar height-adding features.

Do take care and get the okay from your doctor or orthopedist if you have issues with your back, legs or feet.  Save the heels for special occasions.

Finally, learn to love yourself with heels, or without. That is a good way to reach a ripe age while being a proud member of the fashion-loving senior ladies’ group!



fashion-loving senior ladies choose nice but sensible shoes

Aging gracefully is expressed in this simple image. Lavender sprigs for a person of seniority and grace, and shoes with heels for fashion-loving senior ladies.



Photo by Photos by Lanty on Unsplash