Senior Health: Ways to Treat Fever

Body temperature is a good thing. Every person’s body and seniors especially, needs a consistent temperature in order to allow the body’s systems to run efficiently. Senior health and well-being is closely bound to the body temperature.

We are not talking about whether a person feels hot or cold in the environment that they are in. The body temperature, as measured by a thermometer, can indicate whether all systems are in order, or if there is something going awry.


How to Treat Fever

Always remember to keep in constant contact with the doctor or medical personnel, and look out for changes in behavior or well-being.

If the person is uncomfortable or the temperature is over 102°F (38.9°C) the following treatment can be offered:

* Over-the-counter fever and pain relief such as ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin) and/or acetaminophen (Tylenol) in doses as directed on the package. If the person has other medical conditions, such medication should be given in amounts and types that the person has been directed to apply by their doctor.

* Use of a cold compress with lukewarm water, or taking a lukewarm bath or shower.

* Dressing lightly, or when resting, use of a light blanket or sheet, with a sweater or a warmer blanket nearby in case the fever turns to chills.


For your entertainment…

I found a website called Poem Hunter where you can read and listen to poetry with the word ‘fever’ in the title.  I liked the poem called Spring Fever by Fay Slimm .

Now that Summer is here, the message of Fay’s beautiful poem can keep us ‘springing’ with senior health!  


Spring blossoms for Seniors who are springing with health!

A short rhyme:
If someone has a fever and they’re hot,
Or chilled until their bones,
Help them get happy again,
By singing a song in happy tones!