Senior Activities: Swimming – Dive Right in!

Swimming is one of the best senior activities and one of the best types of exercise available. There are many physical health benefits and other nice benefits that come from swimming. Should seniors set aside time for swimming? It might take a little more effort to get started since you need access to a pool and swimming gear, but the gains are worth all the efforts!

7 Reasons Why Swimming is Good For Your Body – The Physical Gains

  1. A Safe Exercise: Swimming is considered a safer exercise for seniors since the water supports the person and prevents falls.
  2. Pain Free Exercise: Since it is a low-impact exercise it is safe even for those who have joint pain or arthritis. The swimmer does not feel the pain of exercising while they are in the water.
  3. Good for Heart and Lungs: It is a low-impact exercise since the strain is minimized due to the person exercising within the water. Nevertheless, it has the same great effects on the lungs and cardiovascular system since the swimmer breathes and exerts themselves (to the degree that they feel comfortable with) as part of the exercise. All that movement will improve blood circulation all over the body resulting in a healthier heart and healthier lungs.
  4. Good for the Brain and Aerobic Exercise: Swimming is good for a swimmer’s respiratory system and well as their brain.
  5. Good for Blood Pressure: Read research about how swimming helps with blood pressure and how good it is for blood pressure and cholesterol . The heart can become stronger from the exercise and gradually will be able to endure more exercise.
  6. Swimming keeps you supple: Stretching and preforming the swimming strokes in the water is good for the suppleness of the neck, arms, legs and hips.
  7. Good for Bone Density: As part of a more complete exercise regime, swimming can help improve bone mineral density. This is a good way to work against osteoporosis.

Good for the Brain

While swimming, a swimmer is required to coordinate the movement of the arms and the legs, using the top and bottom parts of their body, as well as other synchronized movements, and breathe with the correct breathing techniques, this makes swimming one of the great aerobic senior activities. The grand coordination of the physical parts of the body, extends to the coordination between the nervous and muscular systems, which means that swimming is good for the body and the mind.

5 Reasons Why Swimming for Seniors is Fun – The Non-Physical Gains

Some of the other benefits that come along with swimming include the following:

  1. It is Enjoyable: Swimming can be a fun activity where the swimmer can enjoy colorful, fun accessories, swim wear, and swimming equipment.
  2. It is Social: Swimming is often a social activity – if you want it to be that way. Many people like going to the pool together with a family member or a friend and if no one else is coming along, perhaps the swimmer will meet like-minded people at the pool.
  3. It is Entertaining: It is a good idea to take a snack with, something that will give energy and leave the swimmer feeling refreshed. Swimmers need to drink afterwards, as with all types of exercise.
  4. Can be Combined: Stopping for a coffee or an ice-cream on the way home can add another fun and friendly aspect, whether the swimmer is alone or in company.
  5. It is Refreshing: Mostly, after swimming a person feels good and feels refreshed. Some people feel that being in the pool is like being in a different world and they come back to routine with new energy.

Different Strokes for Different Folks

The swimming styles and strokes that most people are familiar according to the Enjoy Swimming site are:

  • the Front Crawl,
  • the Freestyle Stroke,
  • the Breaststroke and
  • the Butterfly Stroke

Other strokes include:

  • the Backstroke,
  • the Sidestroke
  • the Trudgen
  • and the Combat Side Stroke

The breaststroke is presented as the most popular and commonly used swimming stroke. A swimming coach can tell a swimmer which is the best style for them.

Don’t like swimming?

Some of us never got to the point of loving swimming.

Maybe that is because we never learned how to swim properly. Maybe it is because we had sensory issues or coordination issues. Never fear! There are other fun senior activities that seniors can enjoy while in the water. Look in to other water activities for seniors such as water aerobics or Pilates. Alternatively, any senior can go back to the basics and learn how to swim correctly.

Dry activities that might complement learning how to swim correctly or overcoming sensory or coordination issues are:

Learning relaxation techniques

Practicing breathing techniques and exercises

Learning dancing

Swimming Available Near You:

Park City Swim Club 

Fairview Swim Club 

Fisher Pool 

Swim Strong Swim Programs 

Take Me to The Water


Two Important Safety Notes

♥ It is important to note that each person must ask their doctor whether they may begin swimming if they have back pain, or if they never swam before.

♥ All swimmers, even experienced swimmers, must make sure there is a lifeguard present when they are swimming!

Ready for the Splash?

Since swimming is something that the body remembers, even if you did not swim for many years, you can always pick it up again. You might be surprised at the agility of your body in the water!

If swimming and other exercise is important to you, schedule it on a regular basis, if not it might get pushed off.

Seniors can add color and fun into their lives with senior activities. Swimming is an activity that is great for seniors due to its nature as a low-impact, aerobic activity with many physical and emotional benefits.

Let’s get ready for the big splash, are you coming?

Senior Activities - Swimming Pool and Ball


Photo by Raphaël Biscaldi on Unsplash