Senior Activities for Veterans Day – Saluting the Veterans

Veterans Day, soon coming on November 11, is a day set aside for honoring all veterans. Senior activities for Veterans Day are meaningful to seniors, many of whom may have lost relatives in wars, which are now history.

Remembering what the veterans did for America is not only obligatory, it is also wise. However, the ways in which the veterans are remembered should not be set only in the past.

Ideally, Veterans Day should be a bridge, connecting the past, to the present and the future.

Let’s look at some practices and senior activities for Veterans Day.

Why Thank the Veterans?

  • Men and women gave of themselves and many gave up their lives for the sake of America.
  • Thanks to people who fought for the safety of the country, people today have freedom of speech, can vote, have freedom of religion and practice other values which America stands for.
  • The veterans held up the National honor by fighting for values America believed in across the globe, over the years and still do so today.


Things to Wish Each Other or Write in a Greeting

When appreciating what others have done for the nation, seniors may wish to express it in a greeting card or an email. Here are some ideas of what to write in a card:

  • “Thank you for your dedication to America. We appreciate it.”
  • “You gave up so much for the sake of our Nation. We will always remember.”
  • “Veterans can be younger or older. And veterans who are older can be young-at-heart! I appreciate what you have done for America.”


Outdoor Senior Activities for Veterans Day

Being that it is November, and chilly and wintery outdoors, you probably won’t be doing that much outdoors. If the weather is fine, then do get some fresh air as you venture down memory lane. Make sure you are well-wrapped against the cold.

  • Some people like to hang a flag outside their door or window.
  • Others pay their respects by visiting the grave of a veteran.
  • Some cities mark Veteran’s Day with a parade.
  • Go out for a celebratory lunch with a veteran.
  • Put flowers on a veteran’s memorial.



Indoor Senior Activities for Veterans Day

Indoor activities are varied and special:

  • Annually, Castle Senior Living puts out is Veteran’s Day Event. Try to attend, the experience is sure to be enriching.
  • If you, yourself, are a war veteran, invite your friends and family round for a memorable event. Tell the story of your experiences. Perhaps you have some photographs or other memorabilia to share.
  • Ask other seniors who are veterans to tell you or others about the time they spent in the military. Do they have medals to show?
  • Connect to the past through music – play and sing songs from the time of your military service or another appropriate period of time.
  • Call up a friend or relative who is currently serving in the military and tell them how you appreciate their choice of vocation.
  • Thank living veterans, reserving showing respect to fallen comrades for Memorial Day.


The Younger Generation

The younger generation, the children, are the bridge to the present and future:

  • Encourage children, with parental permission, to forge a connection with a senior-aged veteran. This is not just for Veterans Day. This is part of a child’s education. The child can offer to help with outdoor chores, shopping, household help.
  • If you are a veteran, get some notes together and offer to speak at a grandchild’s school. You can ask the concierge at Castle Senior Living to put you in contact with a local school.
  • Teach children the importance of gratitude for those who work and fight for their safety. Teach them to express it through sending cards, making phone calls and praying for the welfare of people in the armed forces, and veterans.
  • Tell children the family stories about veterans.



VA Benefits

Remember, some veterans get benefits – find out if you have gotten yours.

If you take the opportunity to go shopping on Veterans Day and you are a veteran, remember to ask for your discount!


Further Ideas

There are many other activities to do on Veterans Day. There are a bunch of further ideas at the Veterans Affairs site.


Senior activities for Veterans Day can be activities that touch the heart and soul, or lighter concepts, as you choose. Remembering what the people in the armed forced have done and do for America, can us help us become more appreciative and focused people.



Senior activities for Veterans Day - a special day of appreciation


Original Photo by Caleb Woods on Unsplash