Senior Activities here we come! Roll Up! Roll Up!

Senior activities are fun, stimulating and bring a host of benefits. Which activity should you choose?

From the many senior activities that are available, we will look at a few in this article. Please send feedback or requests if you want us look into other types of activities.

Of course, remember to get your doctor’s approval, if it is relevant, before starting any particular activity.

Senior Activities under the Spotlight

The Serving Tray Game

The Game: This game can be played by individuals or in a group. Take a tray and place on it, a number of small objects from around you. The more objects you put, the more fun the game is. Cover the tray with a cloth and each person takes a turn recalling as many objects as they can. The winner is the one who recalls the most objects. Items can be recalled either by saying them or writing them down.

Brain Boost: Great for short-term memory. Great for social interaction. Verbal-skills sharpener.

 The Shopping List Game

The Game: This is a group game, for 4-5 people although you can try it with more. A cumulative shopping list is created. The first person says “I went to the store and I bought some butter.” The next person says, “I went to the store and I bought some butter and some flowers.” Each person takes a turn repeating the growing shopping list, going round and round the group. Sometimes it helps to make associations to remember the list, by creating images in your mind. You can invite a young participant to join in for some added laughter, as all ages benefit from this ever-popular memory game.

Brain Boost: Great for short-term memory. Great for associative memory. Great group activity that will probably lead to laughter.


The Game: There are dance classes tailored to seniors. Chair-dance classes are also available for those who are chair-bound. You could use YouTube to help you identify which type of dancing you want, then you could join a group and enjoy the social interaction with like-minded individuals.

Brain Boost: Neural pathways created and strengthened through learning new steps and routines. Great for social interaction. Great for relaxation and healthy blood pressure. Great for lungs and breathing. Great for muscle tone and strength.


The Game: Walk with friends or family in green and leafy surroundings.  Keep to a comfortable pace for all the walkers. Wheel-chair bound seniors can participate, along with a helper to push the chair. Make sure to choose a destination with a smooth ground surface. This activity is, of course, age flexible. You can invite family members to join you as you get some good fresh air and sunshine. Choose a local park or nature reserve. Take along some water and off you go. For those who prefer the indoors, you could walk in a mall or a museum, and enjoy window shopping or stop for a coffee on the way.

Brain Boosts: Cheerfulness booster. Relaxation booster. Gentle physical exercise. Talking about the interesting things along the way is beneficial for social skills and mental agility.


The Game: Connect with nature by planting plants, flowers or vegetables in flowerpots. Invest in colorful, interesting equipment – all you need are some simple gardening tools and seeds or seedlings. Enjoy gardening during hours when there is a pleasant temperature so that it is not too hot to be out. You can look up plants that are suitable to be grown at this time of year since it is best to choose from  plants that will flourish in season. Place pots at a level that is comfortable for you, there is no need to go on hands and knees. Be impressed by the beauty of creation.

Brain Boosts: Self-esteem booster as you see the results of your own efforts. Great for relaxation. Great for happiness. Great for hand strength and motor skills. Brain-health booster by planning when and how to plant. Source of gentle exercise.


Other Types of Games for Seniors

A previous article looked at the benefits of choosing senior activities that stimulate a person mentally and physically.

There are many other types of senior recreational  activities. Here is a site that has a list of games for seniors. Included in that list are several ever-popular card games, including Pinochle, Bridge, Canasta and Rummy.

Have fun and enjoy yourself alone or with friends, whichever senior activity you choose!


Senior Activities - gardening is nice idea


Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash