Important Facts about Senior Care Services in NY

New York generally has high standards for senior care services, but that does not mean that finding the best senior care is easy. On the contrary, the number of options in New York can be dizzying and there are always variables to consider including cost. Here are some important facts about senior care services in New York to help you make a better and more informed decision.

The Best Senior Care Facilities For Your Loved Ones

Second, be honest about your loved ones’ level of independence and autonomy. Some caregivers assume the worst, expecting that their loved ones will need constant supervision when in fact they would be much better off—and just as safe—in an independent living facility like those at Castle. Independent and assisted living facilities are perfect for seniors who need some help with mobility or household chores, and who need to live close to everything they need such as food and social activities.

High Quality Senior Care Services In New York

Finally, senior care services in New York should be integrated into a comprehensive health care and lifestyle program. Assisted living facilities like Castle Senior Living are different from nursing homes in that your loved one always enjoys a high degree of privacy and independence, yet is never without access to transportation services to and from physicians. In fact, senior care services in New York can include ancillary services for improving quality of life, such as outdoor recreation and exercise, social events like cocktail parties and dances, and opportunities for getting out to museums, shops, and galleries. Senior care services in New York are about promoting and ensuring a high quality of life for all people.