Holidays: The Importance of Joy for Seniors

A popular topic nowadays, is the importance of being happy. For people of all ages, happiness breeds many good things, such as good health, concentration and success. Let’s look a little deeper than happiness. What is the difference between happiness and deep joy? And what is the importance of joy for seniors?


Happiness and Joy – Aren’t They the Same Thing?

Seniors enjoy a good laugh! Seniors know what happiness means.

Ideas for seniors to stay happy include:

But joy comes from the things with greater internal value.

These are the things that you want to play in front of your eyes before you fall asleep. These are the things that matter more. Deep feelings of joy often come after making an effort, and often involve connection to other people.


The Power of Seniors to Activate Joy

Seniors have seen a lot in life. Maybe senior adults laugh less often than when they were younger. However, when a senior person laughs, it comes with a deeper comprehension of the joke. And when a senior person smiles, there is a more beautiful understanding of what there is to smile about.

Feelings mean so much to seniors due to their emotional investments over the years. Emotional intelligence allows a person to be more in control of their feelings. Especially when it is holiday time, seniors want to feel joy more, and they want to enjoy their family more.

People should know that the lever to joy in each person’s hands. Many times, we can each choose to focus on the things that bring us joy. Then, we can gain the health benefits that come with happiness and deep joy, thereby. The importance of joy for seniors is perhaps, that it gives greater enjoyment of life.


In Beliefs

There are things we can choose to believe that could have an impact on how much joy we feel.

We can believe that we are loved by our family and our friends. In turn, we believe that we too have love to share with our family and friends. Belief in the power of prayer and meditation go a long way. And believing that one has a purpose in life   can certainly bring deep joy.


In Speech

The Business Insider site rated quality of life based on people’s remarks. A person should make regular remarks about how they feel happy, satisfied and safe with their life. People who do that, have a better quality of life, according to research.

So, seniors have the power to have a better quality of life by verbalizing the things that make them feel safe, satisfied and happy. Verbalizing things makes them more real.


In Actions

Seniors have the power to decide they will do activities that lead to joy. A person can choose fun activities that have meaning. Some people like to prepare cards and sell them for charity. Others like to visit and volunteer in hospitals. Everyone has something to give. A sighted person can read for a person with reduced vision, for example.

Maintaining contact with family and friends does take time and effort. And that is one of the top things treasured by American seniors. A majority – 53% – of those surveyed  said that was a priority for them.  Staying in contact is made easier by using technology. Of course, it is not the same as being together with a person. But technology enables us to keep in contact even in today’s world when people work and travel so much.


Feeling Joy – A Poem

Appreciate your thoughts, deep and wise;

Treasure each friendship as a special prize.


Make time for sports and games;

And settle to pray and have spiritual aims.


Enjoy whichever food is on your plate;

If you wish, sleep early and rise late.


Have a hobby, think positive and meditate;

Leave behind pain, regret. Don’t self-berate.


Focus on all you have achieved and done;

When you can, laugh, enjoy and have fun.


Think about life and acts that last for eternity;

Love yourself, others and the ability to be.


Let inner joy surface. Let it shine and glow;

And enjoy the optimism and quality of life that come in tow.

                                                                                                                  By Ahouva


Use these tools to believe, speak and act in ways that increase your joy!

Many people are out there partying. While seniors enjoy the celebration, it could be that a senior wants to connect more and feel deep joy. The importance of joy for seniors is knowing that they can do that. Connecting to the inner self can help a person achieve positive feelings of joy.


The Importance of Joy for Seniors - the beauty and complexity of life

The importance of joy for seniors is that it builds the beauty and complexity of life, beautifully. 



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