Healthy Eating for Seniors: Root Vegetables and Exotic Fruits Month

Healthy eating for seniors is a broad topic. We discussed in an earlier post whether “a little bit of what you like does you good” fits into a senior lifestyle. Now, let’s look at root vegetables and exotic fruits for seniors, in honor of the National Root Vegetables and Exotic Fruits Month.


Get to the Root of the Matter

Root vegetables grow under the ground. That means that the main part of the vegetable that people eat, grows within the earth. We can also eat the leaves of some root vegetables. Perhaps because they grow in such close proximity to the nourishing earth, root vegetables add a nourishing, earthy and satisfying touch to any meal.


Why Root Vegetables are Good for You?

There are many types of root vegetables. Root vegetables commonly bought and used include the common potato, sweet potato, yams, garlic, carrots and beets. Vegetables such as carrots come in different colors – naturally. The crunch and color of root vegetables adds so much to their nutrition-packed appeal. Also:

  1. They are cheaper, they are easy to cook and eat and they add flavor.
  2. Root veggies can be good for weight loss
  3. They are high in fiber, so they are good for your digestion.


root vegetables and exotic fruits month


Why are root vegetables good for seniors?

Due to their good reputation of being high in fiber, cleaning out blood sugar and blood fats, seniors love root vegetables. People suffering from blood pressure issues, diabetes /prediabetes, or cholesterol issues should all include root vegetables in their diet. Of course, individuals must run new inclusions to their diet past their doctor or nutritionist.

The fiber in root vegetables keeps constipation at bay. Don’t overcook root vegetables, in order to retain the maximum amounts of fiber.

Boil or steam vegetables to soften them and yet retain the goodness. Many vegetables, but not all, lose their nutrients upon being cooked. Carrots are a root vegetable that are an exception to this rule. Cooking carrots apparently increases the antioxidant content in the carrots.


Getting Exotic in Your Tastes

Exotic fruit are defined by some as fruit that are unusual. One would think that the criteria that makes fruit ‘exotic’ is whether it originates from a tropical part of the world. In any case, exotic fruit that are commonly

root vegetables and exotic fruits month

available include: mangos, rambutan, jackfruit and durian. You can view exotic fruit with pictures at Some fruit can be purchased fresh or in preserved form such as canned ackee.




Why are Exotic Fruit Good for You?

Many exotic fruits contain minerals that we need, to build healthy bodies and protect against disease.

Studies about exotic fruit are not as plentiful as those for root vegetables, due to their limited availability. There is a study that shows the benefits of exotic fruit for diabetes. We found another study on the effect exotic fruit can have on diabetes and other metabolic diseases.


Are There Fact That Indicate, Exotic Fruit Are Good for Seniors?

Before we can find out if exotic fruit are especially good for seniors we have to ask: Do seniors like exotic fruit?

If seniors do like exotic fruit they can benefit from easy-to-eat fruit. Many exotic fruits have different textures, they can be crisp or creamy. You do have to be careful with sweet mangoes, since these are high in sugar, for example.  Many exotic fruits come canned and processed. This makes them soft and easy to chew.

Actually, we did not really find any major specific empirical proofs that seniors should be clamoring to buy exotic fruit. Except as shown below – the fun and social element in exotic fruit. And except that some of them are delicious, natural treats.


A Two-Way Talking Point for Root Vegetables and Exotic Fruits Month

Use this month to insert talk of root vegetables and exotic fruits into your conversations. Don’t we use the expression to “pepper one’s conversation with….” – certain types of expressions. Here, you can do it literally!

  1. Talk about health. Read up about root veggies and include, or request them in your meals.
  2. Talk about the memories that root vegetables or exotic fruits bring to you. You never know what you will ‘dig up’ when you walk down memory lane. For many, exotic fruits bring back exciting memories of trips to foreign places. Use the opportunity to get social and have a bit of fun!

You can include this hashtag in your #RootVegetablesAndExoticFruitsMonth in your social media messages.

Happy celebrating of Root Vegetable and Exotic Fruits Month!





Images: Photo by Irina on Unsplash and Photo by Free To Use Sounds on Unsplash