Grandparent’s Day as a Senior Family Event Holiday

Let’s celebrate grandparent’s day as a senior family event holiday, bridging generations, enjoying family time.


Who Founded Grandparent’s Day?

This national holiday, is celebrated on the first Sunday after Labor Day, each year.

Credit for founding the holiday, goes to a special lady by the name of Marian McQuade, who passed away in 2008 .

At a certain point in time, Marian noticed that some seniors in nursing homes, were all but forgotten by their families. The holiday was established nationally in 1978 in an effort to strengthen the ties between the generations. Marian noticed the problem in 1956. The intensity and speed in our lives has increased so much since then. It is a good thing that someone stopped and took note already back then.


What Does it Mark for the Nation?

National Grandparent’s Day is a date on the calendar. We mark it once a year, to keep a regular schedule. But really every day is Grandparent’s Day, in our hearts at least.

The problem is, that everyone is so busy nowadays.

Often, grandparents need to be the ones to initiate contact with the next generation. That is fine, as long as the grandparent are able to do so.

Here are some of the points made in the statute.

Grandparent’s Day gives opportunities for:

  • Grandparents should receive honor.
  • Grandparents can give love to their grandchildren.
  • Grandchildren can learn how their grandparent is a wonderful resource. They offer strength in challenging times, guidance with their years of experience and information as to family traditions. 

Some more thoughts:

  • A generation that has grandparents is a generation that has experienced years of peace.
  • Having grandparents is also a tribute to the medical successes, which means that people live longer.
  • Grandparents are a national asset, providing support, encouragement and love. These are three characteristics that build good people.


What Does Grandparent’s Day Mean for You Personally?

  • Use the day to count the blessings that you have in your extended family.
  • If you have been blessed with grandchildren, send them a note or a gift.
  • Express your pride in the achievements of your grandchildren.
  • Congratulate your children on their having children, giving you the dividend of grandchildren.
  • If you would like a gift, a note or a visit from your grandchildren, let them know in advance.
  • Plan a fun activity together with your grandchildren. You can include any great-grandchildren, since they did not yet merit a national holiday.
  • Sit with yourself and enjoy your milestone of celebrating Grandparent’s Day.
  • Find time to make a prayer for yourself as a grandparent, your children and grandchildren.


Grandparent’s day is on September 8th.

Grandparents are special people, they deserve grandparent’s day as a senior family event holiday!


grandparent's day as a senior family holiday

Original Photo by Humphrey Muleba on Unsplash