Enhance Your Life with Castle Senior Living’s Assisted Living Program

Castle Senior Living Assisted Living Facility

Why is recreation such an important factor in choosing a senior living facility?

The answer has to do with gains and losses. One of the most difficult parts about the aging process is that seniors are frequently put in the position of giving up the very things that have brought them comfort and joy throughout their lives. From major losses, such as the deaths of friends and spouses, to minor losses, such as dietary restrictions, it can be very easy to view aging in terms of loss. Unfortunately, this is also true of the transition to senior living, because a person does give up a certain degree of freedom and independence with a move to an assisted living facility. Combine that with the fact that oftentimes a move to an assisted living community means cutting ties to the area where a senior spent many years of his or her adult life, and it becomes clear why this move is associated with loss for so many people.

Improve Overall Quality Of Life

That is why, at Castle Senior Living in New York, we focus on what we can bring to a senior’s life. It is our philosophy that an assisted living facility must improve overall quality of life, or else it is not doing its job. Improving patient access to healthcare and providing assistance with daily living challenges are, of course, a huge component of quality of life. However, they are not the only focus of a good senior care facility; in fact, they should not even be the primary focus. People are social and need social stimulation. At Castle Senior Living, the dedicated geriatric care staff is very aware of the social needs of seniors, as well as the special barriers to social interactions that can come with age. They carefully plan social outings and excursions, as well as on-site recreational opportunities, that will appeal to a broad range of interests, to help encourage socialization. They also watch for signs and symptoms of depression and ensure that seniors have access to social workers and other health professionals if they need help dealing with loss.

While a move to assisted living will always be a transition, visit Castle Senior Living to find out how to make the transition a positive one for your family.