Drinking Water: If You Want to Think, Drink! 

Drinking Water: If You Want to Think, Drink! And Other Reasons For This Good Habit

Water in its pure form is a most versatile compound. We use it for multiple purposes from watering plants to washing dishes, for cooking all types of meals and of course, for drinking. Drinking water is perhaps one of the most important uses for water for senior well-being. Drinking of  water will appear on many lists of senior food-related safety tips.

Here follows some of the good things you get by drinking a delicious, thirst-quenching glass or water. Perhaps people with sensible senior living habits can incorporate some of these great ideas into their attitudes towards water.

Sufficient Swigs, Not just little Sips!

  • Better performance. If person is dehydrated they feel tired, however, if a person drinks enough they will be more alert, more accurate and more attentive.
  • For younger-looking skin, drink water. Dermatologists advise that correct hydration is so important for skin-hydration levels, and that hydrated skin looks younger.
  • When a person drinks sufficient water they can perspire healthily. That is good for the body. since it helps the body keep its temperature regulated. It is also a natural way to flush out toxins from the skin.
  • If a person wants to think well, they should drink water! A person can concentrate better when there is sufficient blood flowing around the brain. The extra water increases the quantity of the blood and how thin it is, providing more nourishment to the brain.
  • Drinking water can replace sweet, sticky, calorific drinks. Additionally, water can make a person feel fuller, if it is drunk at the end of a meal. These two concepts can help a person with their weight-watching plans.

Drink water to better health!

  • Drinking sufficient amounts of water to avoid dehydration. This is probably the most famous reason:  Dehydration will leave a person feeling thirsty, faint or even confused. 
  • Drinking enough water is good for healthy kidneys. Having healthy kidneys means avoiding UTI’s and kidney stones. The kidneys work hard to keep your blood clean, let’s give them what they need, by drinking sufficient water.
  • Water is an important component of our joint cartilage, so, drinking water can help the joints to do their good work.
  • Drinking enough water makes the blood efficiently thinner so that it is easier for the heart to do its job. 
  • Regularity in the digestive system. Lack of water in the diet can cause constipation.so, if a person has constipation, drinking plenty of water can help bring relief.

Senior Safety Tip

The use of the words ‘sufficient’, ‘enough’ and ‘too much’ or ‘too little’ water will vary for each individual. Every person should be aware of what their needs are regarding water consumption. If someone is not aware of their water ‘quota’ they should ask their doctor for guidance. Some studies have shown that men should drink around 15 cups a day, slightly more than the 11 cups recommended for ladies. Please note that these recommended quantities include the liquid from foods, as well as from other drinks a person might have such as juice or tea.

Enjoy senior well-being and safety by becoming aware of the multiple details that guide how much water you should drink.

SEnior satefy well-being by drinking Water

Water refreshes, water inspires.
Water cleanses, water empowers.


Vicky Gu